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Status / Date: 2020

The Connected Communities Video Series features local Bay Area community leaders whose work exemplifies the enabling power of technology to unlock opportunity, access, and voice.

Huawei believes that local actions can change the world. Learn more about their work at: #connectnotdivide

Tarjimly supports refugees and humanitarians by providing on-demand translation.

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In order to effectively help refugees and vulnerable communities, every humanitarian in the world needs instant access to a translator. If you’re bilingual, download the Tarjimly Mobile App to become a volunteer translator for humanity with as little as 15 minutes!


We believe it’s a human right to be heard and understood – nobody should be denied critical support because of their language. Our vision is an entirely new product category of remote volunteering that will significantly improve the efficiency of humanitarian support by providing instant access to the world’s largest pool of trained translators and interpreters.


Our mission is to eliminate language barriers for refugees and humanitarians globally and make Tarjimly the world’s default humanitarian translation tool. Our goal is to provide language access to 1 million people in need – refugees, immigrants, health workers, lawyers, teachers, and more – by mobilizing 1 million bilingual volunteers right from their phones.

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