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Access by World Enabled

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Status / Date: 2020

The Connected Communities Video Series features local Bay Area community leaders whose work exemplifies the enabling power of technology to unlock opportunity, access, and voice.

Huawei believes that local actions can change the world. Learn more about their work at: #connectnotdivide

World Enabled removes barriers and promotes access with cities around the world.

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Join Cities for All Global Campaign and help World Enabled transform 100 cities to be more inclusive, accessible and resilient.


We aim to realize a world without barriers where everyone and every organization works to unlock human potential. Our vision is in turn based on our values.


We are an agile and globally recognized organization advocating for rights for people with disabilities and influencing inclusive urban planning policies. World Enabled comprises an all-star team capable of implementing innovative and impactful programs spanning accessibility, digital inclusion, and inclusive urban developments with government, private sector, and civil society partners.

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