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12 Bends

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Status / Date: Post-Production

Starring: Victor Pineda

12 Bends chronicles a year in the extraordinary life of Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, a filmmaker, scholar and global change agent. His quest leads him to Varanasi, the sacred city of the dead, where he seeks the answers to questions about life, love and loss. The film takes the audience into exotic lands from Victor’s point of view and illustrates how, by facing our greatest fears, we open ourselves to new worlds of possibility.

Victor has 12 bends in his body. Although he cannot walk or care for himself without assistance, he puts his life in full throttle with a spirit of adventure. As a child, his doctors said he would not live past the age of 14. Now, at age 38, with his marriage in trouble and his lungs functioning at only 10% capacity, he is forced to re-examine the choices that have shaped his life.

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SF Filmhouse
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